Over the next 5 years, home prices are expected to grow by 3.24% per year on average and to grow 21.4% cumulatively.

Here is an example of how the equity on your home can grow over the years. You purchase a house for $250,000 in January. How much equity can you attain from this purchase?

Experts are predicting that home prices will gain 4% this year alone. With this example, you can gain $10,000 in equity in just one year. In most cases, home equity is one of the largest portions of a family’s overall net worth.

Owning a home is something to take a lot of pride in. It also allows you and your family the ability to build equity. If you are ready to buy, and to start building your families wealth, contact us at the The Brunner Burkhart Group. We will help you with all your buying and selling needs.