Last Minute Showing? 6 quick ways to prepare

When your house is up for sale, you never know when someone may want to see it. Everyone wants their home to sell quickly and at the best possible price. This is a stressful subject for sellers because you need to have your home ready at any given time. The one time you don’t prepare, is probably when a showing will pop up. Here are some quick ways to prepare for a showing daily.

  • Clean off the counters 
    • All kitchen and bathroom counters should be clear of clutter and odds and ends. This is a quick fix, and will make your house look more put together.
  • Make all beds
    • Although buyers aren’t buying the furniture inside of your house. If bedding is damaged, torn, or faded, replace it with something temporary for buyers to see.
  • Make the house sparkle
    • This may require running the vacuum over the carpets to give it that extra fluff, or running the feather dusters over your furniture quick.
  • Empty all trashcans 
    • This is a small but important detail. No one wants to see trashcans overflowing with garbage or smell what you threw away a few days ago.
  • Turn on all lights
    • Make sure all of your blinds are open and every light is on. No one wants to look at a house that is dark inside. That being said, make sure your light fixtures and windows are clean.
  • Pick up every room
    • No one wants to see the 3 outfits you tried on in the morning that were left on your closet floor. Make sure all floors are picked up of clothes, dog toys, kids toys, etc. All clothes should be put away, in the hamper, or in the washer and dryer (not running during showing).

There, all done! If this is overwhelming to you or you don’t have enough time, pick and choose what you think you are capable of completing every day. If you live with your family, have all hands on deck. Make sure they know what is expected of them every day when they leave the house. This is a team effort. You are in the right direction to selling your home!