According to the U.S. Census bureau, there are about 76.4 million baby boomers living in the United States today. One thing that sets this group apart from others, are their housing needs. The focus is being put on the younger half of the baby boomers rather than the older boomers, as they exhibit different needs.

A new study conducted by the The Farnsworth Group revealed baby boomers top 3 reasons for purchasing a home.

  • Area/location 50.2%
  • Price/affordability 37.4%
  • Layout of the home 19%

There are other concerns that they have as well. Some examples of their concerns are quality of construction, safe neighborhood and floor plan. The rooms that they care about the most are the kitchen and master bedroom.

To this younger group of baby boomers, also referred to as second-wave boomers, technology plays a role in their home buying process as well. Most prefer wireless security systems. They are also interested in integrated home technology such as "smart" thermostats and lighting that you are able to control with a smartphone.

If you are one of these second-wave boomers who is feeling as if your current home is not fitting your needs, call us at the The Brunner Burkhart Group! We will help you find a house that meets all of your lifestyle needs!