A recent study of more than 7 million home sales over the past 4 years showed that the likelihood of how quickly a house will close and if it will sell for more than asking price depends on the season it was listed. Listing a home during the spring saw the largest return. Spring is usually the busiest season for real estate.

            When listing your home, winter comes in a surprising second place! While winter can get a bad reputation due to snow and the cold, it is actually a good time to list your home. Although there are fewer buyers at this time of year because of the holidays, those that are buying are serious. Also, there is a lot less of a competition with other sellers.

            Winter also comes in second place for the percentage of homes sold above list price. 17.5% of homes sold in the winter, were sold above list price. That is only 1.2% lower than houses sold above list price in the fall.  

            If you are debating listing your home in the next 6 months, think about how spring is when most other homeowners list their homes as well. If you are looking to sell quick, winter is the time to sell. You will attract serious buyers and have the potential to sell above list price! Call the Brunner Burkhart Group for your selling and buying needs!