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Home Inspection Expectations

Ashley Brunner

Ashley was born and raised in the Lancaster area and comes from a family involved with Real Estate...

Ashley was born and raised in the Lancaster area and comes from a family involved with Real Estate...

Jun 5 3 minutes read

You found your dream home and want to put an offer on it. Great! What’s next? Your next step as a home buyer is to have the home inspected before closing. Most of the time, your agent may have made your offer contingent on a good, clean home inspection. This allows you to renegotiate the price you are going to be paying for the home, ask the sellers to fix any repairs, or maybe decide to walk away. We are more than willing to advise you on the best course of action during this process.

        You need to choose an inspector for your home. But how do you know who to choose? Your agent will most likely have a list of home inspectors that they have worked with in the past that they can recommend to you. According to, there are four things to consider when deciding on a home inspector.

  • Sample Reports – Ask for a sample inspection report so you can review how thoroughly they will inspect your potential new home. The more detailed the report, the better.
  • References- Do your research and homework! Ask for names and phone numbers of past clients that you can call and ask about their experience.
  • Qualifications – Find out what is included in your inspection. Also, ask if the age and location of your home may warrant specific certifications.
  • Memberships -  Being a part of a home inspector association should not be the only determining factor when choosing a home inspector. A membership to this type of association usually means that they receive continued education and training on the job.

Home inspectors are meant to look at every place in the house. If you choose to tag along during this process to point out any concerns you may have, you may see them doing some things that seem strange to you. This means that they might climb on the roof to make sure it is in good condition. They will climb into attics, and crawl on the floors.

When making this very important purchase, use those 5 guidelines to find the right home inspector for you. Choose someone who will give you the most information about your dream home. Call us at the Brunner Burkhart Group for your buying needs. Put your trust in us to help your dream house become your next home.



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