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Six Possible Winter Weaknesses in Your Home

Ron Burkhart

Ron is a licensed REALTOR® with over 25 years experience in sales and customer service...

Ron is a licensed REALTOR® with over 25 years experience in sales and customer service...

Jun 5 2 minutes read

As winter is fast approaching, get prepared by checking these 6 potential areas of weakness in your home. By checking these, you can prevent expensive emergency winter repairs.

  • Roof
    • Look for shingles that are curled, cracked, loose, or damaged and replace them.
    • If you have a flat roof, clean off leaves and branches that may be there and cut back any overhanging tree limbs.
    • Check your chimney for any rust, loose or damaged bricks, and get a screen to keep animals out.

  • Downspouts
    • Clean and re-secure eavestroughs. Make sure they are leak free and free flowing. This will help with the rain and melting snow throughout the winter.
    • Downspouts should be well secured and discharge water six feet away from the nearest wall or at a point where run-off will be carried away from your house.
  • Grading
    • Take a walk around your house and check how the ground directs the flow of water.
    • All surfaces next to the walls should slope down away from the house to direct water away from the foundation.
    • Grab a shovel and re-slope the grass or call a contractor to correct it.

  • Windows
    • Look for rot at the window sills and replace it
    • Check for windows and doors for any wood in need of paint and joints that need re-caulking.
  • Furnace
    • Schedule a heating system maintenance call
    • Replace or clean the furnace air filter
    • Clean the humidifier

  • Weatherstripping
    • Check your windows and doors are sealed properly to keep cold air out and heat in.
    • Great improvements can be made with weatherstripping kits at your local hardware store.

 By doing these 6 checks for winter, you could save yourself a substantial amount of money. Ready or not, here comes the cold, snowy weather.

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