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Tips on Realizing Maximum Value of Your Home

Ashley Brunner

Ashley was born and raised in the Lancaster area and comes from a family involved with Real Estate...

Ashley was born and raised in the Lancaster area and comes from a family involved with Real Estate...

Jun 5 3 minutes read

Like every other homeowner, you think your home is precious and it should fetch a price that YOU think is right.

You can still make a buyer pay the asking price you have set for you home using these two simple methods.

Set the asking price lower than the market value

This may sound odd to you when you want to get maximum price for yourhome. But you must understand the logic behind this strategy rather than setting the price higher so that you can negotiate with the prospective buyer. You will be surprised to find that there are very few takers for your home when you set the asking price higher than the market value.

The visibility of your listing goes down as the asking price goes above the market value. Percentage of buyers who will have a look at your homedecreases dramatically when they find that the asking price is higher than the market value. This means you should try to create demand for your homerather than leaving room for negotiation. This way you will have multiple buyers fighting among themselves to buy your home.

Buyers in present times are armed with information so you cannot fool them by pricing your home above the market value. They are looking for attractive deals and they will jack up the value of their offer to get the deal!

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Get help from an experienced realtor

Some sellers believe they will get a lower amount of money when they have to pay the commission of the agent. But studies prove that those who hire real estate agents receive a higher price for their homes then those who try to sell it on their own. Collateral Analytics says FSBO sellers actually save very little and in many cases get lesser money than those who use real estate agents to sell their properties. The study shows that prices of FSBO properties in 2017 were 6% lower than the prices fetched by sellers using services of real estate agents.

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